Part 2:  Three Ways Protos Security helps you control your Burn Rate and better manage your budget

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Yesterday we talked about how the Loss Prevention industry now more than ever is under great budget constraints and scrutiny and how Protos Security can help control your burn rate.  Yesterday's topic involved Protos clock in and clock out system which ensures your business is protected.  (Click here to read previous post)  Today's topic discusses how that translates to invoicing. 

Because of Protos' IVR telephone-based time and attendance system your invoices are based on actual time worked and are no longer estimated.   Finally, Protos Security provides one bill for all of your security guard assignments throughout the country. No longer will you have to go through pages of invoices from many different companies to ensure that you are being billed accurately. If you have a question about your invoice you can access your account through the client portal to retrieve more information or contact your Account Manager who is available to answer any questions you might have.  Protos also handles paying the security guard companies within two weeks of an assignment keeping the security guard companies happy.

Tomorrow we will talk about how Protos Security accurate reporting and client access to all reports.  Stay tuned…



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