Three Ways Protos Security helps you control your Burn Rate and better manage your budget. Part 1

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The Loss Prevention industry now more than ever is under great budget constraints and scrutiny.  Loss Prevention Managers need to do more with less.  In this three part blog we will explain how utilizing Protos Security as their Security Guard Management Company, loss prevention managers are able to better manage their security guard dollars and control their burn rate. 

Too often with security guard companies, there is no way for a loss prevention manager to know IF a guard arrives on time and their actual time worked. By utilizing Protos Security and our IVR telephone-based time and attendance system you will always know when a guard clocks in and clocks out.  Should a guard fail to clock in (or out) our dispatch team immediately contacts the vendor to investigate and ensure that there is a guard on duty.   This system not only ensures coverage at your location but also accurate and real-time invoicing, saving your company money and controlling your “burn rate”.

Tomorrow we will talk about how Protos Security provides its clients with real-time invoicing.  Stay tuned…



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