Protos Security: Industry News

Nationwide Security Guard Management

Drive Results and Cut Costs Using Accountability

It’s said that management is more of an art than a science. However, there’s one element that’s crucial to the management process - regardless of..

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Protos Web App

Protos security, the leader in nationwide security guard management, is today announcing the next evolution of our guard management technology, the..

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In-App Guard Service Request

We have always said that "One call does it all."  Well, evolution comes quickly at Protos. We are proud to be the industry innovator for security guard..

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Weekly Reports

When we talk to new clients, their main interest is that they are searching for a new way to manage security guards.  The dominant "pain point" is that..

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Security Guard Logistics

Several years ago there began a new trend in inventory logistics. Small satellite GPS receiver/transmitters began popping up on trucks all across America...

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Standardizing the Process of Timekeeping

When Protos Security was born almost a decade ago, we had an objective not just to be another guard company, but instead fundamentally change the way..

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