Protos Client Portal - Do you know where your Security Guard is?

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Do you know where you guards are?

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, in a meeting or at home and thought, I wonder if the guard ever made it to the site?

With Protos Security Guard Management you have that information at your finger tips at all Client Portal picture 1time.  Through its responsive client portal and app you and your team have access to a nationwide map that contains the markers for each active schedule. With just one glimpse along with Protos’ common sense color coding you know at all times the guard status of all of your locations.

Additionally, should a guard not arrive on time, you and your team will have the peace of mind of knowing that Protos’ 24/7/365 dispatch team is handling the situation. They will immediately contact the guard company and establish an ETA and if necessary make arrangements for another guard. During this time you and your team are updated regularly until the situation is resolved.

Protos Security takes the worry out of security guard management and provides constant communication and results.

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